Woman sitting in the sun, indulging in sunshine.

When Indulging Becomes Self-Care

When we first moved to Mitchells Island, we hadn’t yet winterised our house. Like a lot of people, we had mostly completed the interior but still needed to install a fireplace and block-out curtains. That first winter was painfully cold. Temperatures at night hovered around 3 degrees, with high winds and an unseasonable amount of rain.

There’s a windless, sheltered spot on one of our decks. During the day if the sun came out, I would grab fifteen minutes of unmitigated rays. The warms allowed me to shed all my layers of thermal clothing and give my skin a sun bath. It was joyful. It was divine.

With all the rainy, cloudy weather we’ve recently had on the Island, I’ve felt a need to ‘insolate’. To bring the healing energy of the sun into my heart and soul, and perhaps dry out any internal dampness. And so today I did it. I spent 10 minutes deliciously sunning myself.

It’s a funny thing, though. I have an ingrained sense that a simple break like in sitting in the sun is an indulgence. I should be doing all those productive things on my to-do list.

Someone told me recently that she felt a bit guilty when she attended a yoga class. Nevermind how much good it did her. No matter that her attendance might have produced a salubrious mood. And this mood would have spread out to all the people, friends and family, in her circle of influence.

So I’m declaring, no matter how much that little voice says otherwise, some indulgence is needed and wanted. Especially when it warms our hearts and souls, and those of others.

I’ve discovered that, apparently, I’m in good company.

Every once in a while, a girl has to indulge herself. — Saran Jessica Parker

What are your favourite (preferably healthy) indulgences?