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Take Care: Yoga and Diabetes

We're fortunate to have yoga teacher,  Rachel Zinman, contributing her wisdom in today's post. I met Rachel when she was the twenty-something yogini she describes below--passionate about yoga but needing to push herself to the limits. Then, as it happens, life...

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Take Care: Bolstering Your Immune System

Bolstering Our Immune Systems Does anyone need to be told that we are well into the cold and flu season? We are approaching the shortest day of the year. But we’re fooling ourselves if we don’t see that the Aussie winter is just beginning to settle in. As smart yogis,...

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Take Care When You Get Those Back Pain Blues

There are many ways of dealing with back pain. We can seek western or eastern medical treatment. We can lie in bed until the pain mercifully passes. If possible, we can ignore it, or even pray for a reprieve.  My friend and colleague, Denis Juelicher, recently learned...

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Take Care: It’s Good Yoga Practice

Welcome to Take Care From today Yoga Suits Her blog will feature daily posts relating to taking very good care of oneself. Being kind to oneself. Practising self-care. Why do I want to emphasise self-care at this time? Because I've noticed recently that I haven't been...

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Allowing Yourself to Feel: Being With Sadness

Recently, I've had two episodes of feeling overcome with sadness. Not depression, but awash in sadness. You might have had times like this, too. They seemingly come out of nowhere and when I experience them, I feel compelled to figure out what's going on. My hope is...

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Yoga and a Hysterectomy Recovery Program

Recovering from a hysterectomy can be a daunting process. There’s an emotional side to it: the loss of a major organ. A hysterectomy can also precipitate the sudden onset of menopause. On the physical side, the suggested healing time is six weeks, a long time to be dealing with discomfort and restricted activity. Mentally, it’s a time for taking it slow and easy, perhaps a difficult discipline if there are children to look after and home and work to juggle. Yoga was the perfect companion in my smooth recovery from a hysterectomy.

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Yoga And Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is a daunting prospect for anyone. Fortunately, the first suggestion of the surgical option usually comes well in advance of the need for the actual operation. You have time to get used to the idea. Nevertheless, a visit to the orthopaedic surgeon starts to shape your thinking towards the inevitable. This is especially true when levels of pain and physical limitations are increasing.

If, like me, you try to find more natural ways, of dealing with health issues, then surgical intervention can seem scary in the extreme. Now that I’m five years on the other side of double hip surgery, I can say that your hip replacement surgery may give you your life back. I’m thankful to modern technology performed by a highly skilled surgeon.

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