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There’s Nothing Like a Dame: Women Together

There’s Nothing Like a Dame: Women Together

I've been happily immersed in a woman's world recently. It started with reading an advanced manuscript of Ana Davis' rich and empowering book, Moving with the Moon. Ana has written a yoga book, which will be available later this year, that is for all women, . It...

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Supported Bridge: A Healing Pose

The healing benefits of supported bridge Do you have poses that you do rain or shine and in all seasons. Your body and mind say, 'This is an every day pose. Bring it!' Supported bridge (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) is one of these. It can be performed in a variety of...

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Yoga Retreats Are The Way to Go Forward

  Sometimes we need to retreat to go forward.  In my mind, attending a yoga retreat is the best way to go forward in your yoga practice. I would venture to say, even in your life, as retreats offer you periodic renewal. When Sydney was still my base, I lead retreats...

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Yoga Forward Bends: An Inside Job

Have you noticed that there seem to be an infinite variety of yoga poses? Truly! If you are doing home practice it can be confusing what poses you'll do and what sequences.  Equally, you may get stuck in a rut if you just do the same old, same old postures for...

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On This International Women’s Yoga Day: Nude Yoga Girl

On this International Women’s Day there are yoga classes being held around the globe in celebration of womanhood. 

I will dedicate my own practice today to women everywhere in this amazing time of #metoo posts and consciousness-raising relating to gender inequality. 

Coincidental with IWD, my Australian Yoga Journal arrived in the mail today, with a surprise. There was Nude Yoga Girl on the cover, a woman whom I’m told prefers to remain anonymous. If you want to see the full cover, you may need to do it in person.) 

Nude Yoga Girl and the magazine are exercising compete freedom of expression in displaying nudity in such an out-there way. The staff at the magazine say that they are willing to take this risk knowing that it may offend some people. The reason why? Because we need to know about the many offshoots that represent the way the image of yoga is changing. Does this mean that yoga has lost its soul? No doubt, you’ll have your own opinion. If you read the magazine, you can find out what some yoga ‘authorities’ have to say on the topic.

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Rx for Age-related Grumpiness: Meditation!

Grumpiness can be sparked by various transgressions. It annoys me if someone doesn’t recognise the importance of my personal sensitivities or take into account my pet peeves. Unfortunately, annoyance and grumpiness leave bad energy–like a black cloud over my head which sits there even though there are blue skies all around.

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