Eve yoga - A Bit About Eve

Photograph by Julie Slavin, Old Bar

'Eve Yoga' - The professional stuff

I’ve been teaching for 40 plus years and practising yoga for 50. I ran my first yoga teacher training, a kind of prototype, in the early nineties at Sydney Yoga Centre. Then I continued training teachers at SYC and Nature Care College until 2009. Somewhere in that time span, I founded and directed two yoga schools. These days I lead workshops and courses on a variety of yoga subjects.

Simon and Schuster published my book, Teach Yourself Yoga in 1997. Later I wrote an e-book, The Art of Adjustment. There’s also a beautiful book called The Wisdom of Eve, a creation of photographer, Sandy Edwards. It’s a print-on-demand book, a distillation of my interpretations of the Yoga Sutras, plus photos of my students. I’ve written yoga-related articles for overseas and Australian periodicals, too. More recently, I’ve ventured into producing audio and video recordings for my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/YogawithEveGrzybowski/videos, as well as presenting zoom classes.

I was an early adopter of blogging way back in 2006. At times I write daily for ‘Yoga with Eve Grzybowski’. Other times, just once a week. 

In another project, my friend and student, Gretta Kool, and I created a beautiful bit of merchandise a few years ago. These are called the YogaAnywhere practice cards and can be purchased on this site. They are tools for people who want to do yoga at home or while they are traveling.

On a personal level

In 2009 I moved to Mitchells Island, NSW, where I’m part of a small community with my husband Daniel and four other kindred spirits. You can read all about us in an Amazon book called Shedders, written by my housemate, Heather. It’s the story of how the six of us have been doing ‘retirement’ in a totally radical and inspiring way.

How did I come to be living in the country? Years ago I saw the possibility of living a gentler life, one more in tune with nature and in sync with how I wanted to teach yoga and practice it. The stunning beauty of my environment, the rich diversity of wildlife and the peace, quiet and fresh air that I enjoy are intrinsic to my yoga practice. I created an amazing vision with the help of my friends and I am now blessed to be living it.

Writing is a constant in my life. In 2020, I wrote a memoir. It may or may not get published, but the writing itself has been a challenge and a joy, another path of healing.

Even more personally

I love walking on the beach at Manning Point or at Salt Water almost any time or in any weather. For fun, I like to arrange evenings where we play games like Pictionary or The Dictionary Game with friends. Good food, great coffee and a fine glass of wine bring me joy.

I’ve been privileged to work as a palliative care volunteer for the last three years. I pay visits to and endeavour to support people at the end stage of their lives.

I’m an avid reader. This last year I read two books by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Michael Chabon: Klay and Kavalier and Moonglow. And, I'm presently enthralled by Hannah Kent's Burial Rites.

I always try to remember people’s names because I think that doing so is a gift to them. Hopefully, if you and I haven’t met in person, I’ll get to learn your name one day, and remember it!

In my 76 years, yoga is the longest relationship I’ve had. I love it almost as much as I love my husband, Daniel (who has also been my yoga student for 29 years!).