Do You Live in a Bubble?

Jul 2, 2024 | Community, Uncategorized | 10 comments

Landscape photo of green lawns with several trees and cloudy blue sky.

My life, for the most part, happens within a beautiful bubble. I live on Mitchells Island, the boundaries of which are the mighty Manning River and the Pacific Ocean. There are many of us living happily in our safe bubbles along the Eastern seaboard of Australia, and other places, of course.

However, far greater numbers of humanity are not in any sort of bubble at all. These human beings are totally exposed to climate catastrophes, war, abject poverty, oppression, indignity, disease and various combinations of these.

My bubble is continuously getting jostled, punched in but not quite punctured, by the news of the world–which, frankly, is bleak at this time. I’ve even considered turning off any news reporting. It’s been particularly bad this last week.

For instance, I’d really hoped that Joe Biden would show up well in the American presidential debate, but instead he pretty much came across as a doddering 81-year old. People wonder if perhaps he’s not fit for the rigors of holding a four-year term as president.

I’d hoped that the Supreme Court justices would not grant American presidents immunity from prosecution, as they did today. Relating to the ruling, one of the dissenting justices said, “In every use of official power, the President is now a king above the law.’ You would hope that a king figure would be benevolent. But we’ve seen how power tends to corrupt and absolute power, as the saying goes, corrupts absolutely.

It’s not true, though, that I’m going to give up on listening and reading the news. If anything, I think we all need to be well informed, especially now.

And yet, inspiration can come from unexpected places. Joy can keep breaking through.

I attended a funeral yesterday. The deceased is the husband of 44 years to my lovely friend, Fram. Gordon died quietly during his afternoon snooze. The solace of a peaceful death will still leave a huge whole in the life of one’s intimate. I feel for my friend and cannot help but think that it could have been my husband making his exit, or Daniel might have to deal with my leaving first.

A special thing happened in this ‘celebration of Gordon’s life’. A group of about 40 men showed up early at the chapel, each one of them in a blue jacket and blue shirt, each one of them white- or gray- haired or balding. They sat together en masse, and one of them was invited to come up to the podium to eulogize his mate. He explained that they would see their friend twice a week at their Senior Men’s gym class. They got to know Gordon over the years, especially as part of the ritual was going out for coffee after the gym.

I was reminded of the great uplifting significance of any of the communities to which we belong. Fram was part of two communities that I’m involved with and some of those members were in attendance, too.

The Senior Men have dubbed themselves The Walruses, a name which clearly shows they don’t take themselves too seriously. And yet, when the funeral director called on the men to form an honor guard for the recessional, they could have hardly been more dignified and inspiring of love.

Whether or not we live in a bubble, there will always be ways we can look to connect. In the bleakest of times, that’s when we most need to connect.


  1. Beautifully written and so true, thanks Eve.

    • Thank you, Angelika!
      xo Eve

  2. Very moving to read this. Missing being in Mitchell’s Island, too. It’s less and less attractive – and easy – to be away. Maybe it’s reflecting the sadness of these perplexing trends and developments. And how the et are piling on.

  3. Beautiful words son lives and works in Yallingup WA..on a farm … He moved to australi 2 yers ago ..staring in Victoria..his video calls of his surroundings are beautful…he is on his way back today to the UK..and the Isle of Wight where his family lives and he grew up. staying for 1 month to see his Granfer for the last time dad..whos in heart failure now.then his of travelling with his friend to South America

    A small island but beutiful walks ..beaches ..a live in my bubble for many years…I have too,,to keep sane..we have the election here tomorrow…not grand either way who gets in…I support the green party..but i am guessing they will not have enough support

    we all need away on how to manage being human..and living on this planet


    • Thank you for your encouragement, Jane. Have we met? Do you live in the U.K.
      Australia still seem to be a reasonably safe and peaceful place to live, but things can change so rapidly.
      Kind regards,

      • Thank you Eve for your reply…no we have not met..One day perhaps our lives will cross,,,x

        yes I live in the UK.. on small island of the south coast…the Isle Of Wight…my spiritual home is Scotland!

        One day I hope all humans and animals will live in peace x

  4. Simplicity, and stillness, community and friendship are the gems of life and we are lucky to have the time to appreciate them.
    All of this is privilege.
    All of this is mystery.

    • You have the skill of being a good friend, Martin, and I do feel privileged to have your friendship!

  5. So beautifully written Eve. Community and friendship are so important in this time.

  6. Thank you Eve for your reply…no we have not met..One day perhaps our lives will cross,,,x

    yes I live in the UK.. on small island of the south coast…the Isle Of Wight…my spiritual home is Scotland!

    One day I hope all humans and animals will live in peace x


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