I’ve been learning a bit about flexibility lately. I thought i was was a reasonably flexible person. And I don’t just mean being able to fold up in Uttanasana like a Swiss Army knife.

The Wet Rock - Flexibility at Uluru

I mean mental/emotional flexibility. I used to be quite glib in my yoga teaching: ‘work on your suppleness and this will make you mentally limber.’

Maybe it’s true for some. But I think not for me.

During our travels around NSW, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia and Victoria, Daniel and I have been dogged by wet, cold weather.

For awhile, we tried to strategise our way out of bad weather. That is, we would outrun it or delay our stays in what we thought might be propitious camp grounds. The unseasonably rainy, chilly weather pattern kept pace with us. It rained in Queensland, at Uluru, in the extreme desert of Coober Peedy, in the Flinders Ranges,and all along the Great Ocean Road.

It reached a point where the weather got me down. But since the pattern was stubbornly entrenched, I realised I was going to have to have an attitude adjustment and utilise some flexibility.

I must have some reserves of resiliency, whether they come from yoga practice or simply getting older. I did get the ‘adapt now’ message relatively early in our travels. Adapting meant being content with all the advantages of a wet winter and spring.

Everywhere we’ve driven, and even including the desert, there have been vistas of green. And more shades of green than I could possibly name. Insects have been virtually nonexistent. The air–the air!–loaded with ozone, feels like a beauty treatment for your skin and a cleansing for your lungs. Our food supplies didn’t go off: fruit lasted for days and weeks.

In just a couple of weeks, I’ll be home again, and taking up all the comforts of my routine life. I’ll be able to control elements that I couldn’t on the road. Life will get back to normal, but perhaps not be as challenging.

However, I know a little bit more about resiliency, and that important niyama, Saucha,¬†contentedness. Here’s a little video clip for you to enjoy and get the flavour of our trip (made on a rare warm, sunny day).