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Sep 10, 2016 | Camping | 1 comment

Eve wearing a beanie

Camping Couture

An old time yoga practitioner shouldn’t be overly concerned about appearance, don’t you agree? Maybe neat, clean and modest. That should do it.

If that were the case, though, the yoga clothing industry would not be as profitable and pervasive as it is. What would happen to Lululemon?

Daniel and I have been on the road camping for several months. This experience has taught me a thing or two about neat, clean and modest couture.

Neat: You better put your personal items back where they came from upon each use or they will never be seen again. I’ve had to replace a much-loved down vest as the original got left behind in a roadhouse cafe. And regrettably, there have been other losses of personal items.

Clean: My scrupulous standards have been compromised. This is the third day of camping in Coober Pedy and my jeans are also on day three. It was a shock (don’t know why) when I realised I had to pay for laundry on the road, and even strategise about when and where it could be done. An extra day or two or three of wearing slightly-worse-for-the-wear saves me money, time and labour.

Modest: Winter has not always been kind to us this season, especially those 5 degree nights. So fleecey layers, socks to bed and even occasionally a head covering have eased the chill. Not too romantic for Daniel, but in the daytime with any luck, the layers come off. In Cooktown, I even got to wear a sarong.

Clothing neatly laid out on a bed


Here’s an ensemble that I like to wear because it has layers and is presentable. The orange ‘head sock’ can be worn as a kerchief, or, when it’s warmer, to tame my long hair. The shirt and blouse are prizes from the thrift shop. And these tights, now out of fashion for yoga, are a nice splash of colour and add warmth.





This is how my minimalist wardrobe is organised. The hanging bag gets put up each time we stop to set up camp. It’s all there at my finger tips.

A travelling bag with clothing and personal items

Eve’s hanging wardrobe



Any surplus of clothing, for instance, a big winter jacket or extra jeans, goes into this duffle bag which lives in the car boot.

Shoe wardrobe

Shoe wardrobe

My footwear, except for what I’m wearing also stays in th car. 

Packing Tips

In case you are anticipating a long trip like ours, here are a few hints:

  1. Don’t worry about getting it wrong. Shops are everywhere. Even remote roadhouses have the basics. You may pay much more than you would at Target, but you’ll have what you need.
  2. Pack your favourite (old) things. You’ll be wearing them a lot more than you do in your ordinary life, but it’s like having brought your friends with you.
  3. Take things that don’t show dirt! Im wearing a lot more greys than I normally do but I can always accessorise with colour. Because I’m wearing greys, everything is coordinated.
  4. Pack clothes that can cope with being washed over and over in a commercial machine. After a while, my denim skirt and jeans have become as comfy as loungewear. 


Woman in yoga pose outdoors

Fly net + cap–adapting to conditions



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  1. Love this, Eve! It’s amazing the things you learn out on the road. We really can live well with very little stuff …


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