What This Yogini Has Learned About Camping

Jul 11, 2016 | Camping | 4 comments


Our camper bedroom

Yogini in steep learning curve

I have a persona that I rather enjoy presenting to the world–that of being a skilful Yogini. I admit this fact in order to be completely transparent. I know that yoga is meant to help you divest of guises and the ego, but there it is.

Now that I’m away from my yoga studio and teaching, that comfortable role has fallen away. I’m faced with this new role, that of a camping traveller.

I’m in a big learning curve. Every morning I wake up in unfamiliar surroundings, totally at the effect of weather. Sunshine makes me happy and so do warm temperatures. Then I remind myself why we’re doing this sort of trip. To be in Nature…to discover her beauty. To do so means being exposed to all sorts of elements, including cold and rain.

What have I learned thus far?

In the first month of our four-month odyssey, I’ve learned a few things.

Most of them have had the effect of moderately fracturing my characteristic view of myself. These learnings fall into a few categories.

1 Cleanliness – I never realised how attached I am to having a hot shower every day.

2 Looking good – In our camper trailer, I have a minimum wardrobe stored in a few small spaces. My friend Heather asked me upon viewing our little cabin for the first time, Where are you going to put your all your clothes?

As a result of wardrobe restrictions, there are not a lot of interesting looks happening. Basic is the operative word.

Eve's hanging wardrobe

Eve’s hanging wardrobe

Also, makeup is not happening for two reasons: 1) I can’t be bothered, and 2) who’s going to see me that I know? Well, besides Daniel.

As for my hair, I’m losing the blonde look and slipping solidly into the grey zone. There’s a lot of length and very little style. Definitely easy, though.

3  Stuff – Why would anyone bring tennis rackets on a camping trip?

Still too many clothes! Who needs three beanies, two fleecies, a winter coat, and a down vest. A frightened person. (And, there’s always Vinnie’s anyway!)

4 Organisation – Always put things back where you found them. And the corollary, remember where you found them.

Don’t stack things up in layers or it will be like an archaeological dig to retrieve them.

5 Yoga practice – If you can, do it. If you can’t, don’t beat yourself up!

6 Spares – These are absolutely essential things so have back-ups: reading glasses, keys, spring and pin for Treg hitch….

7 Planning – Don’t overdo it. Remind yourself often that you’re on holidays and that it’s supposed to be fun. Be spontaneous.

8 Food – Be willing to try new things.I found frozen dumplings and kimchee in the Asian market in Airlie Beach. Delicious!

One pot meals are also yummy and tummy-warming on cool evenings around a campfire.

You may lose weight without dieting. It’s hard work dieting and the pantry and fridge aren’t always handy like they are at home.

9 Good quality stuff – Don’t stint on having the best: pocket knife, lantern, torches, bedding, cookware, thermos.

10 Entertainment – Load up your devices with entertaining material to watch, especially when camping in the winter. The evenings are long and mostly chilly.

We’ve crawled under the doona and watched an episode of The People vs O J Simpson each night. Riveting, highly recommended!

For long drives, audio books are a treat, particularly on those uninteresting stretches of road.

11 Significant other – Be nice to each other. You’re probably with each other 24/7 and you’ll want to use the opportunity to fall in love even more.

Why else leave the comforts of home?


  1. I was thinking only recently when I saw a photo of you Eve how much I liked your long silvery mane. So don’t worry about your ‘looks’ … you ‘look’ great.

  2. You’re going the wrong way, Eve. If you want cold and rain, Tassie will oblige. My sister told me today they’re expecting snow down to sea level! Ah well, you’ll just have to put up with the nice weather. It seems to be nurturing your sense of humour. 🙂

  3. This is why I love camping ? Enjoy every moment you two xxoo

    • Raining today, windy, but still better than frosty Mitchells Island, according to Judy’s report. Are you having a school holidays break? Is John staying away from big sharks at Saltwater? xo


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