May 2012

Modern Communing

If you’ve ever poked around on the “Yoga Suits Her” site, you’ve seen that I live in what I call a small community. We are three couples, all in our sixties, living under the same roof. Our situation is unusual. Mostly people are polite enough not to raise their eyebrows when they hear what we’re up to. But they are very curious. […]

Swings and Roundabouts

I’ve been on a gentle roller coaster ride.Early in the morning, I cleaned the Yoga Shed and it sparkled with sunny energy. Then, I did my yoga practice in the shimmering space.I don’t know why it happened; I just got caught in the ruminating jaws of my mind, and became grumpy thinking of too many tasks to do and not enough time. After a practice that was supposed to make me peaceful, I then took my grumpiness into our office and tried to deposit it in my husband’s lap. He’s too smart for that, though. […]

Starting and Stopping and Starting All Over

 Do you feel like you have to start all over again when, from time to time, life gets in the way of your yoga practice? You know, those situations when…You go on a trip and there’s no room to put a mat down. (Maybe you completely forgot to pack your mat, like I did last week.You get a bad cold and imagine terrible things will happen in head-down-bum-up poses, i.e., downward-facing dog pose, headstand or shoulder stand.You pull a hamstring, tear a intercostal, or strain your sacroiliac joint.You have a late night. […]