I’ve been on a gentle roller coaster ride.

Early in the morning, I cleaned the Yoga Shed and it sparkled with sunny energy. Then, I did my yoga practice in the shimmering space.

I don’t know why it happened; I just got caught in the ruminating jaws of my mind, and became grumpy thinking of too many tasks to do and not enough time. After a practice that was supposed to make me peaceful, I then took my grumpiness into our office and tried to deposit it in my husband’s lap. He’s too smart for that, though. When I had to take my cross state of mind back, I ended up in tears of overwhelm.

That, I know, is a good thing. It’s getting to the point of things. Time for an apology; I hate being out of relationship with Daniel.

The next dip on the roller coaster occurred when just one student turned up for my yoga class. Just a wee ebb, though, because there were Daniel and Heather to buoy me up. We focussed on yoga therapy movements for individual aches and pains, and everyone got well catered for.

Naturally, yoga teaching had me climb out of my temporary emotional dip, and my spirits just kept on rising as I was able to help a private student who came along a little later.

The weather has been glorious, and a walk on the beach set my Spirit Thermostat to cruise, and I haven’t missed a beat since then.