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May 3, 2012 | Community | 0 comments

If you’ve ever poked around on the “Yoga Suits Her” site, you’ve seen that I live in what I call a small community. We are three couples, all in our sixties, living under the same roof. Our situation is unusual. Mostly people are polite enough not to raise their eyebrows when they hear what we’re up to. But they are very curious. The obvious question is why any one person or couple in their senior years would want to share with others.

For our part, we worked out that to fulfil our dream of living on acreage in the country, we needed to have close friends along for the ride. Moving to a new place and into new life is a shock no matter how much anticipation there’s been. It makes all the difference to have had our close friends with us for sharing the joys of this new life and for having support with the challenges and dilemmas of transitioning.
Some of the questions that we were asked revolve around food. Who does the cooking? How many refrigerators do you have? Do you all eat together? How do you handle the shopping, cleaning, money? What happens when friends or relatives of one couple come to stay for a time?
We didn’t have answers to all the questions we had about how we were going to manage when we started out. It was just too hard to try to figure everything out. Eventually, we got to trust each other’s good will and our ability to communicate well, which meant that we could work things out when they weren’t working.
I wouldn’t move back to the city and I wouldn’t change our living situation. It’s been a blessing far greater than I could have imagined. I feel like I’m living my dream.


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