Do you feel like you have to start all over again when, from time to time, life gets in the way of your yoga practice? You know, those situations when…

  1. You go on a trip and there’s no room to put a mat down. (Maybe you completely forgot to pack your mat, like I did last week.
  2. You get a bad cold and imagine terrible things will happen in head-down-bum-up poses, i.e., downward-facing dog pose, headstand or shoulder stand.
  3. You pull a hamstring, tear a intercostal, or strain your sacroiliac joint.
  4. You have a late night. Or, an early morning.
  5. You had insomnia.
  6. You suffer from PMS, midlife crisis, or menopause.
  7. It’s your birthday, wedding anniversary, Easter, Christmas, or New Year’s.

What can you possible do to kickstart yourself? Same as always….

  1. You roll out your mat and sit or stand on it.
  2. Quiet your mind.
  3. Do what you can.
  4. If you worry about how much you can do, your mind probably isn’t quiet yet. So, go back to step 3.
  5. Then, to set the habit, do it all over tomorrow.