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Two weeks ago I dived in and started wending my way through the dense thicket that is Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. I announced that I would take on the challenge of trying to interweave each of the 195 Sutra into the fabric of my everyday life.
Today I need to take a big breath in, regroup and re-inspire myself.
I ask why I would subject myself to a project that could at any time become onerous or even end up being impossible to accomplish?
Obviously because:

  1. I think it will be good for me.
  2. I respect other Patanjali students who have gone before me.
  3. I like a challenge.
  4. I’m at the stage in life where spiritual studies are appropriate.
  5. Keen yoga students and teachers ought to understand the Sutra.

Let’s just cut to the chase: the Wise Ones say the Sutra are the gist of yoga.
Maybe I’m being selfish in using this blog as a vehicle to come to terms with the Sutra. But I also think that there are lots of people out there who would like more exposure to the pithy observations of the Old Sage.
So far this format hasn’t been altogether a smooth ride. Bending Patanjali’s Sutra around the events and thoughts in my life is not easy. First, I have to pick out which commentator/translator I’m going to rely on. I have six of them on my desk, and to be honest, they don’t always seem to singing from the same songbook.
Second, and related to the first, the Sutra have to be carefully unpacked without getting misinterpreted or losing coherency within the overall treatise. I have my six experts to go by, but they aren’t completely in agreement. I might end up with a spin on one or more of the Sutra that will be entirely different on a second or third reading. But by then, my impoverished ramblings will have been published for all the www to see.
Although I sat staring at my computer yesterday, empty-headed and somewhat resentful, I did post. I did it. I am grappling. I know from doing yoga practice that faith will call forth the best in me. It says so in the Sutra.


  1. Eve thank you, I am looking forward each day to the mulching of the Sutras by you, and how they fit in to your life and your thought provoking commentary.
    Tania x

    • Good to know you’re out there, Tania!
      XO E

  2. Thanks Eve – you promised you would be a little like Julie and Julia – and now as I read your post, I think of the scenes where she is sitting on the kitchen floor with the chicken beside her…..keep going, am loving it! x

    • Oh, Susan, you made me laugh as I remembered that scene from Julie and Julie!
      Thank you!

  3. Keep going with your Sutras posts, I look forward to it everyday!

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I’m keeping on!

  4. How do you interweave each of the 195 Sutra into the fabric of your everyday life? Do you do one a day? Sounds like an incredible undertaking. I’ll keep reading.

    • One-a-day is the goal, Rick. However, as the pundit says, my reach may exceed my grasp 😉


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