First World Problems: Lockdown Haircuts

Aug 30, 2021 | Community, Immunity | 5 comments

image of a man and a woman with bald heads.

Please Gladys, can I have a haircut?

I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to my bald headed identity which I adopted for a short time at the end of 2004. On the occasion of my 60th birthday, I had my head shaved by my hairdresser as part of the party celebrations. And I encouraged my friends and family to sponsor me in raising funds for ‘Doctors Without Borders’. That was around the time of the Boxing Day Tsunami. My friend Rick and I were able to raise $5,000 for the organisation.

What has caused me to think of undergoing drastic hair measures at this time?

Because in New South Wales we need to shelter in place, Even though we can go out for our basic necessities, hair cuts and treatments are not considered essential services.

How long will we be lockdown? How long will my locks get? Who knows? But I’m guessing another month or two. How long depends on how many of us are vaccinated and how quickly we take up that challenge. Please do get the jab for yourself and for all of our sakes!

I feel so so sorry for my lovely redhead hairdresser, Mel. Her popular New Bar Salon is closed indefinitely, and she still has rent to pay and her family of three kids to support. I know it’s not all about me, but in the meantime, my hair is losing the beautiful lines she created.

Photo of woman in red top looking at the camera.

Perhaps the lack of salons is a first world problem, but we’re all getting it on all sides. Our kids are now two years into this thing and experiencing being cut off from many of the delights of childhood and adolescence–growing up together. Aged individuals, many of whom live at home or in nursing homes, are isolated from their families and friends at a time of life that is inherently lonely.

Learning from the lockdown

Fortunately, the erosion of little freedoms is not impacting our Shedders’ household of six too much. Judy and Heather got out their hairdressing scissors and set up a temporary salon on the deck. IMO, Judy gave Heather as good a haircut as Heather receives at the hands of her professional hairdresser. And like any great salon experience, there was plenty of gossip sharing and laughter.

Against the background of global heating, wildfires, floods, COVID-19, war, and oppression, Australia is truly in a relatively safe bubble. I’m not used to hardship, so the disappearance of things I’ve taken for granted is a wakeup call. It’s made me more acutely aware of the need to take care of those in our communities who are not faring so well.

I try to be in touch by phone each day with at least one person who might be feeling alone. It’s such a simple thing to do: just pick up my phone and call. If someone is hard to get a hold of, it means I just have to work a bit harder to get them.

I’ve also begun running live video yoga classes twice a week. This has had me jump over a huge amount of resistance to technology. And, I’ve discovered that this, too, is not that difficult. What’s difficult is resistance itself.

So, I’m thinking, maybe a number two on Daniel’s electric clippers? What about you, dear readers, how are you faring?



  1. Love it Eve. I’m not far off that decision too. I get a very short haircut in summer anyway so why not! X

    • Indeed! Why not? At least we’re all in the same boat, Gail.

  2. Hi Eve
    thank you for your thoughtful post.
    How I am faring….. because I’m a midwife I am still crossing LGAs and going to work. My work at the moment means 4 times a week I’m out in the community looking after pregnant and recently birthed mums and their families and communities. I’m so fortunate to have a buddy in this, a wonderful woman and together we are there with a larger team we are part off. Walking alongside woman feeling the uncertainty and vulnerability as they navigate all the challenges and fears. I’ve been doing a Thich Nhat Hanh retreat, so each morning come dawn I’m up, on my mat, the teachings , stretch and this has really helped me to be strong and able to go out. I feel incredibly sad / poignant for humanity, the planet…. yes everything you say climate change, fires, floods and complete disruption and loss for so many is actually quite spellbinding and huge. Yep I keep the connection real with people as we check in on each other. And taking music lessons/ SKYPE and practicing my music when not out working… and staying home of course. I’m very grateful to have had my youngest son make it home and he’s actually got work after 6 years in Peru. So relieved he’s back in the country as I felt the distance so deeply with what’s happening everywhere. And Pats by my side, my other son nearby. So much to be personally grateful for but yet this deep pool of sadness. I’ll look at your website about your zoom lessons. Love your beautiful haircut

    • Hi Kate,
      It’s good to hear from you.
      Thank you for your good work in the community.
      I, too, am taking music lessons: chord harp and singing.
      If you would like to come along to my Friday on zoom at 3pm, I’ve sent a link.
      Be well!

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      • Thanks Eve, Just now I finish work at 4 on Fridays but change is always so possible and if I get A Friday not at work at that time I will come back to the link xxxx


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