Feel it: There’s Something in the Air

Nov 25, 2019 | Climate | 2 comments


Image of a flame tree in bloom

Image of burnt out forest

Burnt-out Saltwater N.P. paperbark trees.

The Flame Trees Have Peaked

And life goes on, but not at all the same.

My Mitchells Island home, where The Yoga Shed is, is still tinged with green. It won’t last. For the first time in the 15 years that we’ve owned this property, Level 4 water restrictions are happening.

Even with bucket watering, our beautiful, established gardens have and will continue to suffer. 

Our environmentally conscientious household has already implemented water conservation. Shower buckets, kitchen sink containers, fewer and shorter showers, less clothes washing.

The drought, unfortunately, is forcing sustainability too late. And, along with big fickle winds, this drought has created perfect tinder for all the bushfires.

I doubt that the threat is over. I still have a partially packed bag leftover from when I thought we might have to evacuate two weeks ago.

The Fires Abating

To a large extent, the local fires have abated…for the time being. Yet the BoM site still informs us of ‘smoke haze’. The air we breathe is badly polluted. But there’s something worse in the atmosphere.

We are restless, somewhat distracted and very much looking for the comfort of each other. Haven’t you felt it? Some of us have lost sheds, fences, homes, friends, pets. Wildlife populations and vegetation have been decimated. The worst is the loss of security, of safety. What will life be like from now on if the air we breathe is uncertainty?

Those who have escaped material losses know they are not ‘lucky’. Drive the Pacific Highway and see vast distances of burned forests. No one can feel lucky with such a blackened landscape surrounding us.

Rather than be disheartened, I’ve become a climate activist, as you’d know from reading my recents blog posts.

I take solace in being able to participate in local and national grassroots initiatives. Perhaps you might, too.

If you’re in the Manning Valley or environs, here are a couple of events to consider:

Image of aboriginal man on poster

Biripi People will be leading a ceremony to heal country at Saltwater N.P. Sunday December 1 from 1pm. This is a nationwide initiative so look for this ceremony wherever you are on Dec. 1st. All are invited. 

On November 29, you can join in Solidarity Sit-Downs, staged in various locations in support of climate action. Participants are demanding increased support for Indigenous land management and the Rural Fire Service.  #ThisIsClimateChange:Solidarity Sit-Down in Taree 10:30-11:30 am.


  1. A very comforting message, Eve. We are not muzzled. We can speak up. Speak out. Speak for. I agree that we must take action in our own hands, and comfort ourselves and one another. The time for Silence is over. We have to participate, loudly!!

    • Thank you, Meme. Good to hear from you and good on you for keeping a loud voice!


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