Climate Yoga is Real and Launched!

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A woman standing for climate yoga in front of a queensland lagoon.

Climate Yoga: Opportunity for Participation

I did it! I stepped out!

Even though I’m neither a scientist or activist, I facilitated a talk at the Ekam Festival recently on Climate Yoga.

This post is a follow-up so for those of you who weren’t at the festival.

Truth be told, I made up the expression Climate Yoga. I wanted to attract a group of yogis interested in discussing global warming. As well, I wanted to have my talk be collaborative. And, so it was.

It seems to me that collaboration is the key to reversing global warming. Such a seemingly impossible huge challenge. But we who are kindred spirits in yoga are a mighty force and up to it.

Fortunately for me, Anjilkurri, Birpai elder, from Port Macquarie, opened my talk by sharing her passion for Country. She does so in a practical way, working on Cultural Land Point Plomer on the mid-north coast of NSW. Anjilkurri is very generous. She invited us to Plomer for an October 20th gathering for ‘sharing knowledge, planting and giving to the land.’

A new friend, Ali Bigg, an ecologist who works for MidWaste in Port Macquarie sat in the front row. She backed me up when I shared information from Project Drawdown. This is an international organisation dedicated to promoting 100 solutions for reducing carbon emissions. These are activities we all can participate in. 

My colleague and friend, Carolyn Serich, was at the talk, available to assist me in any way she could. The talk drew about 20 people. People spoke passionately in the discussion time about the climate crisis, and then stayed around afterwards for more talk.

As a result of the interest and commitment shown at my talk, I created a Facebook group, Climate Yoga. I’ve been blown away by the numbers of people who have come forward: 150 have joined in just a few days. It’s a forum for sharing actions we are taking to reduce the impact of global warming. For sharing challenges and concerns. For finding collaborators and creating opportunities for yogis to participate in.


At the end of my talk, I led a beautiful visualisation that I came across via Per Espen Stoknes, Norwegian psychologist and politician. I’ve included it in this post, as well as the best resources I’ve come across for understanding the climate crisis.

Please have a listen to ‘The Air That We Breathe’. And then, please share.


Includes ClimateYogi Teacher Training

Global climate change: Vital signs of the planet

‘The Uninhabitable Earth’ by David Wallace-Wells (Less focused on solutions than on clarifying the scale of the problem)

Ted Talk by Per Espen Stoknes – psychologist and politician

‘Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming’ by Paul Hawken, environmentalist, author and activist

Chad Frischmann Vice President and Research Director of Project Drawdown

‘Our Planet’ 8-part nature documentary, narrated by David Attenborough

‘Climate Change: The Facts’ David Attenborough documentary

Extinction Rebellion – Peaceful rebellion

Climate Fwd: Weekly newsletter with stories, insights and tips

Greta Thunberg


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