Nourishing Yoga: Retreat to Go Forward

Apr 14, 2019 | Camping, Yoga Teacher Training | 0 comments

Nourishing retreat - nourishing yoga: retreat to go forward

Daniel and I are camped tonight in the central desert, Coward Springs, SA, to be exact. It’s an amazingly modest spot, except for the fact that it has its own tiny spa that emanates from a natural spring. Very refreshing!

Another thing to know about this area is that it’s the driest place in Australia. No rain since a smattering of 8 mm in 2017. I’m sure it could get an award for flies per square inch of a person’s body.

Probably you wouldn’t have heard about Coward Springs, unless you’ve driven the Oonadatta Track, between Marree and William Creek.

I wish I could recommend this particular route but the track’s corrugation and dust put me in a foul mood today. I now know where the expression, ‘I feel rattled’, comes from. At least I had the sense to take advantage of the nourishing spa at the end of today.

After two weeks on the road, I’m watching all my ‘normal’ coping strategies fall by the wayside. So far, we’ve had a dud battery, our van water tank has sprung a leak and the microwave door flew off somewhere on this morning’s bumpy ride. There’s more, but in balance, I’ve thus far met all challenges, with Daniel’s smart troubleshooting.

I’ve started to realise how important it is, vital even, to get away and see the world. To shake off the cobwebs and get far away from the perfect flat white you order at your favourite cafe.

There’s a great opportunity coming up this winter for all you yoga teachers and trainees to give yourself a complete break. You can retreat to the little hamlet of Stroud, NSW. Instead of heading out to the central desert, you can join us at the Stroud Monastery. Yoga teacher and trainer, Megan Jones, is organising a weekend where we can enjoy collegial company and a peaceful environment away from our normal routines.

We will practice and learn together, and especially return to our teaching renewed and refreshed. (I will be guest teaching with Megan.)

Click here for more information.


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