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64-year old yogini AYL Magazine

Old Yogini

Every now then I think, yikes!, I’m going to be 74 in a couple of months. I better do something quick as I seem to be losing the battle with ageing.

What’s been happening is that I’m not as strong as I once was. I’m stiffer and achey in some of my joints. I have a bit less muscle and more flesh around my middle. And I get fatigued more easily than before.

Uh-oh. I forgot to mention the occasional bouts of sciatica.  

Obviously, I need to join the gym, become more flexible, lose the middle chubbies and have power naps.

I stayed in the city with my friend Nick the last couple of days. I saw him do his yoga practice. I’m embarrassed to say I was mildly jealous of his almost 60-year old flexibility and strength. And get-up-and go-go.

Should I be throwing myself at life in the manner of Nick? Or should I mainly be meditating and lying in savasana from now on?

Acceptance or Capitulation?

I’m reading Stephen Jenkinson’s Come of Age. If you haven’t read him, and you’re an older person, I recommend his original insights.

He says that to be an elder is to get ’deeper by diminishment’.

Agree to be less able, surrender wide-ranging competence with increasing grace, and cede agility and mastery to others by refusing the accolade of timeless.’


I’m pretty sure the meaning of this sentence is move over, make space, act your age. If you’ve cultivated wisdom in your accumulated years, plumb it and share it.

Please tell me your thoughts. How are you going with ageing?


*Stephan Jenkinson looks a lot like Willy Nelson and sounds like the son of preacher man. An interesting character for sure who can be found telling stories at Orphan Wisdom.