Don’t Wrestle with Stress, Do Restful Yoga

Aug 13, 2018 | XToolKit, Restorative | 0 comments

Restful yoga image with a woman lying on bolster with blankets and foam blocks.

On questionnaires that ask for me for my occupation, I write in ‘semi-retired’. That’s the shorthand I use to describe that I work sometimes teaching yoga. At other times, I participate in various kinds of recreation, such as singing or tennis. I study a bit, and I also volunteer in the community in Palliative Care.

Though semi-retired, I haven’t cut back on my yoga practice. That’s just as well as I’m busier than I ever was when I worked full-time. This seems to be a common feature of those who profess to being semi-retired.

From time to time, I wear myself out completely.

Whether we are still in the workforce or not, many of us suffer from living life at a frenetic pace. Life gets fired at us point blank and we just have to deal with what comes our way. Unfortunately we often respond in a style that doesn’t allow for the optimum care of our bodies and minds. But we are fortunate to have tools like restorative and restful yoga, therapeutic yoga and mindfulness meditation to deal with an increasingly complicated and stressful world.

I live in a semi-rural area, and as much as I love it, having four acres to look after takes hard work. We have to maintain established decorative and vegetable gardens–watering and mulching. Then, there is the never-ending occupation called weeding. Because I end up having to lift and carry, from time to time I end up with a strained shoulder blade/rotator cuff. That part of my anatomy seems to be my nemesis. Instead of doing a dynamic practice when I have a sore shoulder, I’ll do a more nurturing yoga practice.

Here’s a pdf for a restful yoga practice that I’ve created for these times. The poses are all done lying down. They will alternately stretch, twist and relax you.

Give the practice a go and let me know if it works for you!


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