Take Care: A Yoga Festival and So Much More

Jul 4, 2018 | Yoga practices, Yoga teaching  | 0 comments

Image of a woman in a head to toe purple costume on a slack rope above the ground.

Eve at the Burning Man Festival

I’ve been invited to teach at a very special festival at the end of the year called Shambala–Lost Paradise.

Image of a group of dancing skimpily dressed people in front of a band stand.

Shambala Lost Paradise

Now that I’ve accepted the invitation, I’m wondering what it will be like. From the description below, it sounds like so much more than a yoga festival experience. Here’s how Lost Paradise advertises itself, incorporating some of these elements:

A Hidden Wonderland…Dancing under the Stars. Nurture by Nature. Sparkling Conversations by Water. Yoga in Full Flow. Acoustic Sessions. Inspirational talks. Pop-up Performances. Twinkling Pathways. Rejuvenating Massage. Disco Yurts. Twilight Parades. Electronic Alcoves. Sumptuous Feasts. Four-Poster Day-Beds. Late Night Speakeasys. Astounding Aerial Acrobats. Fabulous Friends. Flamboyant Spectaculars. Costumed Wonders. Outstanding Community.

I’m in a state of anticipatory excitement! I’m hoping that this Lost Paradise festival, particularly at year’s end, will launch me into a brilliant and rewarding 2019.

I would be deceiving you if I said that I’ve had no experience with unusual events. Ten years ago or so, my husband and I spent a week at the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert. It’s an event that rocked my world. That’s what it’s designed for. So, I’m eagerly looking forward to Lost Paradise.

And yet…I wonder what I will teach? I discovered that the percentage of people over 60 years old at Burning Man is only 2%. I imagine that the percentage of people over 70–my age–attending Lost Paradise is a similar number.

Nevermind. Yoga is ageless and inclusive of all ages. On this beautiful winter day, I’m thinking about how hot it will be in the Glenworth Valley north of Sydney.

Should I teach ‘flop-asanas’, the poses we do lying over cushions or bolsters, to help regain our energy in the heat? Or, should we do a recovery session to keep our energy up for the dancing, socialising, feasting, acoustic music and aerial acrobatics?

Maybe I’ll just do an all-rounder, Eve Yoga-style. Time for centring, doing asanas, breathing, relaxation and meditation.

What is Eve’s style? This is from one of my bios:

Eve teaches with love and a light hand. Yet her students report that they work hard in an atmosphere where one’s best effort is encouraged. Ideally, students gain greater awareness by paying attention to the physical details of poses and how they breathe. Fostering awareness can lead to positive changes in body, mind, and spirit. Then, this self-awareness can expand to an experience of connection to the world around us and within us.

Come join us and recharge your batteries, reconstitute your energy and connect with me and the rest of your tribe.


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