Professional Development for Yogis

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Audio Book Recording - 2008

Audio Recording The Art of Adjustment – 2008

Professional Development for Yoga Teachers

Last week I submitted details and documents to Yoga Australia (association) that support the professional development I’ve completed in the period July 1, 2014 till now. This is the method whereby I maintain my status as a senior yoga teacher in this organisation.

You can’t get away from P.D. No matter what field you are in these days, you must keep up with your profession. Attending conferences, doing post-graduate degrees, developing courses, having books and articles published are just a portion of the work we do to keep up our credentials.

It wasn’t always thus in the field of yoga. Before the advent of yoga associations, such as the B.K.S. Iyengar Association of Australia, Yoga Australia and the grandmother of them in Australasia, the International Yoga Teachers Association, there was little need for compliance with professional development standards.

The good thing is yoga teachers have a penchant for learning. Yoga is such a huge subject that no one can ever hope to plumb its depths. Nevertheless, the time, effort and money that goes into various studies, as well as just staying current with contemporary yoga, is enormous. When do we have time to practice?

You might think that of the above is just a teaser for a weekend seminar that I am part of called The Professional Yogis, and you would be partly right. This gathering is an occasion for you to skill up and meet and network with some of your yoga community. The presenters will cover the spectrum from visioning and curriculum development to hands-on yoga and 21st century marketing.

Raising the Bar

The Art of Adjusting in Yoga Postures

My contribution to The Professional Yogis is based on a passion of mine for teaching physical yoga adjustments. I authored  a book on the topic called The Art of Adjustment. I collaborated with Monica Redondo who was mainly the designer and photographer, and Jane Thomas is the beautiful model (pictured) in the book’s images. 


5.2 Parsvottanasana_Adjustment 1


What’s really great about the way we produced the book is that it’s a digital version. With a simple click on, you can get text and photographs and audio recording of my voice as an mp3 file. 

The Art of Adjustment is great teaching guide for teachers and trainee yoga teachers. It’s really for anyone who wishes to incorporate physical adjustments into their teaching or their personal practice. There are 38 basic asana adjustments presented in this material to help the reader/listener get a simple, practical insight into the art of touch, adjustment and connection.

And, it would be great to see you at The Professional Yogis weekend June 27-28 in Sydney.


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