The Art of Yoga Practice: Guidelines and Props

Jun 7, 2015 | Yoga practices | 1 comment

yoga practice guidelines - The Art of Yoga Practice: Guidelines and Props

Tools for Yoga Practice

Four years ago, Gretta Kool and I hatched the idea of producing an aid for yoga practitioners/teachers.

We researched what was available in the way of tools to help practitioners do their yoga practice at home. It seemed that we could fill a missing link by supplying simple yoga sequences for beginners, as well as for ‘special needs’ students.

Our YogaAnywhere practice cards were born – two different packets of 10 cards each – easy to use and portable. One set was for beginners in the form of a 10-week course, and the other was a ‘tool kit’ for ten different conditions, such as low back pain or menopause.

The YogaAnywhere web site is no longer in existence, but the cards can still be purchased by writing to ‘Yoga with Eve Grzybowski’ or by emailing me.

A Valuable Document for You

In this week’s post, I’m passing on a file, formerly available on our website. You can download the attached ‘The Art of Yoga Practice’ document for yourself. Or, if you are a teacher, to keep in your studio to give to students. You’ll also find an explanation for why yoga props are useful, as well as tips on what you can find around your home to substitute for them.


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Click to view full size version and to download the file. 

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