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The definition of yoga is union. Everyone knows that. Yoga is about cultivating a feeling, a being with, all that is – sentient beings, the planet and the universe. But, let’s face it, in our busy lives, we don’t always practice this aim of yoga.
Happily, at the same time yoga popularity has swept the globe, outreach programs are proliferating, too, as a way of practising connection with others. Witness Sean Corn’s extraordinary activism work with ‘Yoga Off the Mat Into the World’ and B.K.S. Iyengar’s Project for supporting his native villagers in Bellur, India.
And now, in Australia, we have a special opportunity to invest in others’ futures as well as evolving our own spiritual development.
We can help raise funds for The Yoga Foundation, an organisation offering yoga to people who experience hardship or disadvantage. 
Funds raised will go toward helping people living with cerebral palsy or mental illness, and also, the carers of people with disabilities. 
The idea is for you participate through QuietQuest and that you ask for sponsors to contribute to your goal of spending  30 minutes of quiet time a day, for 30 days: no talking, no electronics, devices or engines – “quiet & unplugged” for half an hour everyday.
Those who you and your sponsors contribute to win, and you do too, because you’ll reap the benefits of a structured period of quiet time.
I’m in, and would love it if you joined with me in this opportunity to harness the power of connection.




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