This Week: Begin Your Home Yoga Practice

Aug 25, 2013 | Yoga practices, Yoga teaching  | 0 comments


Hey it’s a brand new week. Maybe this is going to be the week when you are finally going to start doing home yoga practice. I know you’ve thought about it. All it’s going to take is getting yourself organised. Here’s a suggestion that’s worked for me and others. Spend a little time at the beginning of the week, say, Sunday evening or Monday morning, and think out what you want to do in your practice over the week. A week is a manageable period of time, not too long, but long enough to let you build up a momentum that will keep you interested. The downfall for most people who want to do personal practice, and then end up not doing it, is that they don’t have a plan. It will take you scarcely any time to think out what you want to do, but it will likely assure your success. Here’s what to think about: How much time do you want to set aside for practice? On which days will you do practice? (Make these times official by putting them in your diary.) What will you do in your practice? Do you want to set an intention or goal for the week? You don’t necessarily have to create your own practice design. You might think of a routine you did in a yoga class that you especially liked and write it down to follow. You could do the program each day that you’ve set for your practice, and see whether there is improvement. Many popular yoga books have sequences that you can follow to attain certain results, for instance, calming your mind or releasing tight hamstrings. Here are a few of  books I like to use:

Judith Lasater, Relax and Renew

Donald Moyer, Awakening the Inner Body

Donna Farhi, Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit

BKS Iyengar, The Path to Holistic Health

Yoga DVD’s and videos offer inspiring sequences; the American Yoga Journal selection is pitched for all levels. Finally, our YogaAnywhere 10-card packs will give you plenty of programs practice. The two packs Yoga Basics and the Tool Kit are designed for beginners or for more experienced students. Remember that yoga practice is just that; we aren’t just trying to present a perfect performance. We’re in a process of teaching ourselves and the best place to do it is on your own mat in your own time. But don’t – I repeat – don’t give yourself a hard time if you’re not good at this at first. It’s yoga practice after all.  


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