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Jul 8, 2013 | Pleasure, Video | 1 comment

Do you have someone in your life who always has your back? (And your front, and your sides!) Someone who you know will always be there for you. Even if you have an argument with them, this person will make sure it’s well and truly patched because the friendship is precious. Maybe the fight was because he or she is one of the few people who will level with you, even when you don’t want to hear the truth.
We’re talking about someone who would do almost anything for you. Who knows you better in some ways than you know yourself. You might have shared secrets with them, stuff you wouldn’t share with anyone else, because anyone else might leave you. And, it’s reciprocal. You see them for all they’re worth, too.
Daniel, my husband, is my BF, a position he’s occupied for more than 20 years. I couldn’t have a better person on my team. He’s helped shape who I am as a yoga teacher; he’s reinforced values we share about respect and love for ourselves and other human beings. He’s completely responsible for anything and everything I do on my computer, especially the way my machine lets me interact with the world at large through my writing. And, Daniel would be the first to tell you I am not an easy technology student.
Recently, Daniel ventured into the world of making yoga videos of me, which are featured on my YouTube channel, Yoga with Eve Grzybowski. I don’t understand exactly how he knows how to do these types of things; he just teaches himself. He seems to like learning new things, and I’m sure it’s good brain exercise for him.
In January this year Daniel wrote a song and recorded it with the help of a songwriting teacher. Then, Daniel made the song into a video. It’s called Kiss It Better. I hope you will listen to it and like it. If you do, please share.
[youtube id=C-zcFh24JRs]

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  1. Love your song Daniel! X


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