Winter's Here: May As Well Put Out the Welcome Mat

Jul 1, 2013 | Community, Gardening, Health, XToolKit | 2 comments

Pi Wei and Richard

Guests Pi Wei and Richard

It’s so much more satisfying to have the luxury of a whole weekend to spend with friends instead of trying to fit in a meal together in the city. City people should probably be having more sleep-overs.
I thought that, since Daniel and I didn’t have a winter holiday planned this year, we would be feeling the weight of the winter season – and a wet one at that. But no… visitors from down south alleviate any potential ennui, and provide lovely companions for doing morning yoga sessions in the Shed.
There’s a yogic lesson in accepting the way things are, and, even better, embracing them. It’s winter. Let’s celebrate!
Here’s how we might do a weekend of fun:

  1. Invite special people.
  2.  Have a welcoming  fire in the slow combustion fireplace on their arrival.
  3. Everyone sits around the kitchen bench and watches Daniel cook a delicious risotto.
  4. Serve a really good red wine.
  5. Forget dessert because our guests bring amazing offerings. This weekend Pi Wei brought Kakawa “edible jewels” (chocolates) from Sydney.
  6. Talk politics, yoga, sea/tree change and anything else until bedtime.
  7. Do a not-too-early morning yoga session.
  8. Go to the Waterbird Cafe for breakfast with guests and local friends.
  9. Make sure there’s a dolphin pod sighting in the river.
  10. Walk on the beach at Manning Point.
  11. At home again, laze, read papers, and books around the fire.
  12. Nicely ask guests to pick fresh vegetables for dinner out of the garden.
  13. Move into gear for dinner, sitting around kitchen table, eating nibbles, drinking red wine and watching Daniel cook Bill’s fresh corn fritters.
  14. After dinner, adjourn to the t.v. room to watch a dvd.
  15. Sleep.
  16. Yoga.
  17. Breakfast on porridge with stewed fruit and serve fresh juice made from local oranges.
  18. Drive to local sights and then to Wingham flying fox reserve.
  19. Finish up at Bent on Food for lunch and farewells.

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  1. Hey Eve,
    Curious to see Pi Wei at your house. I am currently studying with her under Pixie.
    Small world!
    Namaste Maryann

  2. Glad to hear that you are doing the Iyengar training, Maryann. Are you still living and teaching in Newcastle?


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