Yoga in A Good 'Ole Aussie Shed

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Looking north from our house

For any of you non-native Australian people out there, a Shed (with a capital “S”) is an Aussie institution. In the country, Sheds act as primary residences for people until they can afford the time, energy and money to build a house. If all of those things don’t fall in place, living in a shed might be a long-term proposition.
More often than not, the Shed is the place that a bloke can get away from his missus and the kids for a bit of peace and mind. A guy can make things with his hands and power tools, and clear his head of stress in his Shed.
As for the old tin shed shown above, I’ve appropriated it for a yoga space. We’ve carpeted and painted it, and made it as up-market as possible for a corrugated metal hut. The Yoga Shed is practical. It has two guest bedrooms and a bathroom/laundry, and provides roof space for our solar panels.
Recently, through the effort of our builder, Will, we’ve added awnings, an arrival porch, guttering, and soon a rainwater tank.
The six of us ‘Shedders’ who live in the big house consider ourselves blessed to have such an inviting space in which to hang out and do yoga, pranayama, and meditation. We’re at the age where some of us have needed to undergo various kinds of surgery, and the Shed has been the place for our rehabilitations.
Yoga students report that they love coming to Mitchells Island for classes, and they enjoy the ambience of our property with its many gardens, wildlife and views They especially respond to the warmth and nurturance of the Shed itself. One student dubbed it ‘The Happy Shed’, and that about sums it up 🙂

Bush views to the east

Bush views to the East

Western views

western views

Garden view to the south

Garden view to the south



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