Do You Have a Guru?

Apr 2, 2013 | Humour, Pleasure, Wisdom | 0 comments

I have a guru. One who I didn’t actively seek out as a teacher.
He happens to be my husband. He’s a perfect guru, too. You know someone who throws you back on your own resources and holds a mirror up to you so you can see your own reflection.
Most people don’t like to look in the mirror and I’m no exception. However, how else are you going to see how beautiful you are?
In December last year Daniel suggested a sponto* trip to South Island, New Zealand. I mumbled something about bad timing and expense, but it turned out to be absolutely The Best Thing and good for our relationship.
I dragged my feet when he suggested we get a 5-day pass to the Byron Bluesfest, from which we’ve just returned. And again, it was fabulously fun – music, dancing, rain, mud, and more music and dancing.
Surrender to your guru if you have a good one.
*Aussie for spontaneous.


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