Baddha Konasana
Is there an epidemic of hip replacements going on? I know of three yoginis who will have the surgery done within a month time frame – mid-March to mid-April. To be fair, I also know women who haven’t done yoga who, for various reasons, had to have replacements.
If you’ve been following this blog, you know my story of bi-lateral surgery, performed more than 3 years ago. I had osteoarthritis for 18 years before finally having the surgery, and since the operation I’m a new woman.
I would say of my own history that participation in high impact sports was a big contributor to degeneration in my hips. Yoga actually was my main healing modality in the leading up to the surgery and in months of rehabilitation afterwards.
The strange thing that happens when life serves up a calamitous situation, i.e., arthritic hips for a yoga teacher, is that it’s an opportunity to glean whatever lessons there are to learn. Then there will be ample chances to share your experience with others facing similar problems.
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