The Mind: There Be Monsters

Mar 11, 2013 | Mindfulness Meditation, Wisdom | 3 comments

- The Mind: There Be Monsters
Since I’ve been practising mindfulness meditation over the last few weeks, I’ve come to appreciate what an incessant thought machine my mind is. (Well, appreciate is probably the wrong word.)
At the best of times, I notice a certain entertainment value in the thoughts my mind spins out. At the very worst, I’m caught up in watching a catastrophe movie which I’ve written, directed and star in.
Why do we invent trouble, or for that matter invent anything? Isn’t reality enough?
We had a darling 4-year old boy visit us (along with his brother and dad). Two of his interests are getting people to ‘play monsters’ with him, and drawing.
His imagination is keen and he can do some amazing drawings which incorporate monsters and drawing.
I think that maybe, as I was growing up, I could have done more with getting my demons out on paper instead of carrying them around in my head.
Oh, well. It’s never too late. If I can just remember I’m watching the movie that I created, I may still get some entertainment value out of it.


  1. Synchronicity! I went onto Pinterest looking for a picture of a mind monster to accompany my blog post and saw your monster. I used to lie in bed at night as a child and teenager and paint stories for entertainment. I used to think of my mind like a filing cabinet of stories to pluck out and pick up where I’d left off. If only self-confidence didn’t change things for the worse as you age.
    You might be interested in my ‘monsters of the mind’ post:

    • Well, that’s a remarkable coincidence, Brook. May our waking and sleeping time be free from monsters!


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