A Very Wise Country! (and, a Patanjali pause)

Jan 13, 2013 | Health, Humour, Pleasure | 0 comments

Australia as a country presents as laid-back, the home of a ‘no worries’ culture, and at no time more so than December-January.
It used to be the case that the whole place closed down from the time the kids got out of school (mid-Dec.) until they went back (early Feb.). Restaurants closed for long breaks (unless they were at coastal holiday destinations); small shop owners packed up their families and set out for caravan park vacations; tradesmen, hard to pin down at the best of times, hung out their ‘gone fishing’ signs, and meant it.
I came from the Super Power country with the Protestant work ethic, so it took me a little while to get in the easy-going Aussie groove. Even though some Australians have gone the American way, I’m still practising being lackadaisical. From another standpoint, I’m recharging my batteries.
Now that our January intensive yoga week is complete, Daniel and I are heading north for a week of Camp Creative fun, followed by a week of Sydney festival amusements. I couldn’t help myself, though. I am going to teach a couple of workshops on the Gold Coast Jan. 19 & 21.
I’ll be putting a bookmark in my Patanjali’s Sutra project for a while (hey, only 19 Sutra to go to be complete). But, I will stay in touch to let you know how our holidaying/yoga goes in the far north.
Post Script: The other thing in which Australia shows up for me as wise and even leaderful is the fact that it has legislated a carbon tax. Good on ‘ya, Prime Minister Julia and team!


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