A Sutra a Day: I-27 Good Vibrations

Jun 14, 2012 | Philosophy, Wisdom, XSutras, xTmp, Yoga practices, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali | 0 comments

A poster saying that the best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don't

I’ve been looking forward all day to a visit from delightful Sydney friends who are staying with us for four days.
We are very well set up for company, with 2 guest suites of rooms and another guest bedroom in the Yoga Shed. It means they can be comfortable and private when they want, and us, too.
We gathered around the fireplace on their arrival for snacks and a glass of red wine, shared a meal of homemade soup and fresh bread, and enjoyed lively conversation.
Then, we adjourned to the t.v. room to watch a rather bleak Australian road movie about a violent father and his oppressed son. The clever son had the upper hand in the end but it certainly was an inevitably horrible ending.
I know people who will not watch films or t.v. programs that depict violence, and some people will not even read the newspapers because they report on what they view as the miserable state of the world.
We saw the finish of the film but no one really felt better for having seen it. There are certain vibes that leave you cold, it’s true. And others that are uplifting and have an indelible resonance that you can store away and return to, like the vibration of OM – whose home is the heart centre.

Tasya vacakah pranavah

Isvara is represented by the sound Om.*
*The Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali, translation with commentary by Chip Hartranft


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