If Patanjali were alive during this age of the internet, would he have succumbed to blogging?
And, if so, would he have ended up being as pithy in his writing?
Would readers want to spend days/weeks/months unraveling each of his sutra?
Or, would readers, sensing it would be hard work, just want to move on to a YouTube video or MP3 file?
These questions are uppermost in my mind because today I am introducing a new format into “Yoga Suits Her”: a look at The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.
Perhaps I can be like blogger Julie Powell of “Julie and Julia” fame, who took up the challenge of cooking over 500 of Julia Child’s recipes in 365 days. Instead I will present 195 sutra over the next year to the best of my abilities, in a way that relates to the real world, is accessible, and honours Patanjali.
Do I feel somewhat daunted? Yes, and I’ve been thinking about this for sometime so now it’s time to take action.
It’s fitting to begin with the beginning:
Atha Yoga-Anusasanam = Now, instruction in yoga*
Or, more prettily put – A blessing to those seeking instruction on joining (Yoga) with the Supreme Spirit**
*Patanjali’s Meditation Yoga translation and commentary by Vyn Bailey
**The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, translation by Chester Messenger