Over the last two days, we’ve been working our bums off on our little rural spread on lush Mitchells Island. We’ve had fantastic professional help from Peter Nixon, Paradisus Garden Design and our local builder, Matt Peters. But we decided that, to save money, we would do some of the labouring work ourselves. - Yoga & Yakka* I don’t know that this is necessarily a good idea. Will the demands of digging, raking and hauling make us strong and stalwart? Or, will the 60 year old machines collapse under the weight of menial labour? All I know so far is that the work has made me feel energised, the machine has stood up well to physical demands, and there is that special satisfaction that comes from doing something that has a beginning, middle and end. We didn’t quite finish the path project today as our pebble mosaic work got rained on, but we still made good progress:

- Yoga & Yakka*

Pebble Mosaic & Salt Encrusted Concrete Path

It was divine for me to just grab a YogaAnywhere practice card at the end of the working day and do the “Fatigue Sequence”, guaranteed to reinvigorate! *Yakka – work, especially of a strenuous physical kind.

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  1. Great work Team Mitchells @ Paradisus for the salt textured path with half the feature pebble mosaic done already – DESPITE THE RAIN !! Loved working with you and can’t wait for the planting to follow 🙂


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