Have you ever torn a hamstring or suffered an inflamed tendon? Then you would know the feeling of limping along, having to do just half-speed yoga poses.
I feel like that today after having had a little mishap with my computer keyboard. A portion of my morning coffee, so much anticipated after my yoga practice, spilled over the board. I did rescue it quickly, but as a precaution, it’s drying out in the sun at the moment.
The soft, ersatz keyboard pictured below is from my iPad and is so reduced from normal size that it behaves like a toy, admittedly one that will do the job, if I just abandon my usual touch typing while I use it.
That’s the really useful thing about accidents or injuries. They do pull you up and make you go more slowly and thoughtfully. You can try going full throttle but, as every yoga practitioner who’s been around the traps knows, the train is going to be heading for a complete derailment at that speed.
Or as the Google Help Advisor told me this morning, if you try replugging the machine in too soon, that will be the coup de grace (the final blow) for burning out the circuitry.

- Limping Along



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