An Anniversary of a Vision Fulfilled

Nov 10, 2011 | Community, Nature, Pleasure, Yoga practices, Yoga teaching  | 1 comment

It’s been two years this week since we moved to Mitchell’s Island from Sydney.
More than the typical sea/tree change, we three couples were realised a six-year plan of buying a property, building a house on it and living together.
It’s worked better than I could have ever imagined:
*We’ve been accepted into the local community.
*Living in Nature is all it’s cracked to be.
*We’re growing our own vegetables!
*I teach in the Yoga Shed on our property, and I just roll out bed in the morning to do my yoga practice there.
*My housemates are a delight to live with and an invaluable support in all my endeavors.
In this moment, life is good. I appreciate it all the more because I know circumstances can change as quickly the way the summer storms thunder in.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post Eve. We all have so much to be thankful for, as things do change so quickly.
    I, for one, am thankful to you for your posts. Even though I don’t comment often, I love single every one and find inspiration in them all. I have my own blog and occasionally people comment but sometimes I am just not sure if what I have to say is of any value, then suddenly a student will say “oh I love your blog” and it inspires me to keep having a go at it.
    So Eve, I love your blog.
    Love Gina


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