I’m sitting here thinking about what to write, and it’s not coming easily, after having taken the night off yesterday. I excused myself because of attending an out-of-town wedding. But I’m not going to let myself wiggle out of this tonight because this is one of my disciplines.
See, that’s how I’ve trained myself to be. Pick myself up and put myself down on my yoga mat or on my Fit Ball in front of the computer, day after day, and stay there until the job is done.
Well, that’s not enough, of course. It has to be a good job. So, I’m just hoping that sitting here, typing, something will pop out of my keyboard that will be reasonably good.
How am I going?
Here’s the thing: It’s enough to sit on the mat often, to sit at my desk regularly, to put the licks in on-goingly, and not even expect anything back.  Isn’t that crazy, not looking for anything? At times I might even forget why I’m doing the disciplined thing, but it’s become a habit and I keep on keeping on.
When something comes back, it is unexpected and satisfying and comes out of layers of rubbing the thing smooth, like a French polished mahogany table. But it’s not really a thing; it’s a quality. And that is me, chiselling away at the quality.

- Squirming


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  1. Eve, I do admire the way you share your “tumbling” experiences.


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