Rolling Out the Mat

Jul 26, 2011 | Wisdom, Yoga practices | 1 comment

Writing a blog post and figuring out what the content is going to be on any given day is a lot like rolling out a yoga mat in the morning and reckoning what sort of practice to do.
When the writing is good and the yoga practice goes well, it’s because they’ve naturally come toward you instead of having to chase after them madly with a butterfly net. There’s an invitation that’s been accepted.
But sometimes there’s not much inspiration, and when nothing at all comes to mind, what I do is take down a well-thumbed book of practices from the shelf or dig out some long-forgotten sequences from my archives.
We’re talking discipline here: you really just do it, like the slogan says.

- Rolling Out the Mat

Carole B.

1 Comment

  1. “Utthita baddha konasana + danda” ?!


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