Sunday – A Rest Day

Jun 19, 2011 | City Life, Community, Yoga practices, Yoga teaching  | 2 comments

When I worked through the week in the city, I had the weekend for “home work”. You know what I mean – doing wash loads, gardening, grocery shopping, catching up on correspondence, cleaning. Maybe there was a little time left over for sparking friendships that may have needed rekindling, or being a culture vulture. But having a day off, or maybe a whole weekend, was rare.
Now that I’m “semi-retired” and living in the country, I’m surprised that it’s taken some effort to put a fence around the territory of A Day Off to protect it from the incursion of Responsibilities. I seem to be busy every day, either maintaining our acreage, practising or teaching yoga, on the computer, or doing household duties.
Today I enjoyed a proper Sunday. I didn’t exit from our warm bedroom until 11:30 am, and only then to make brunch. Then, Daniel and I set off to explore some of this big island we live on and called in to visit one of my yoga students, Stella and her husband, Ian.
I’m continually blown away by the passion of sea/tree changers like us who have uprooted themselves from city living and carved out a new direction. Often this involves caretaking the land, as we are attempting to do, and Stella, with her Steiner-based biodynamic farming.
Here’s a photo of Stella and Ian’s riverview/pastoral property:

- sunday - a rest day

Leslies Lane

And, Stella and her adopted wallaby, Ruby:
- sunday - a rest day

Afternoon tea


  1. I too was in bed this morning until 11.45, then I got up and my daughter (21) joined me for 90 minutes of Yoga, and then we had ‘breakfast’, watched a show we taped, cooked muffins and now we are cookind dinner. It’s been a lovely Sunday, although my daughter complained that she’d done nothing all day! How old are we when we learn the value of doing nothing?

  2. Hi Eve,
    We really enjoyed your visit, I was thinking the same thing about Sundays and how we must learn to manage our time better now that we are custodians of the land, we forget to have weekends off. Your visit was a very welcomed break, and we hope to see you and Daniel over here more often in the future. I love the pictures you posted Ruby says hello!


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