The Older You Get…

Jun 8, 2011 | Health, Humour, Wisdom, Yoga practices, Yoga teaching , Yoga Therapy | 1 comment

…the less you know. I’m convinced of it. Ooops. Have I just said I know something?
I think two things happen as you mature and age: 1) you collect more conflicting information along the way, i.e., all those studies you read in the newspaper about the benefits/disadvantages of drinking coffee, alcohol, eating chocolate. One day, the suggestion is “go for it”, and the next it’s “stop”, “whoa”, “ya’ better watch out.”
No. 2 is that you develop a better sense of humour about the opposing information, and even start to look out for what the effects of doing what the “experts” say on your own body. Experientially.
This week I’m going to be giving a lecture about sleep difficulties to a group of trainee yoga therapists. So, guess what happened last night. I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about what I was presenting in this course – 8 sessions in two days.
Did my fancy yoga techniques put me to sleep? Well, yes, eventually. Observing one’s breath is a great tool. The hard part is reeling the mind in from the furthest reaches of space. Maybe, ultimately, I just wore myself out from tugging the rope so hard and long 🙂

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  1. Where’s the ‘like’ button? This post tickled me, Eve!


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