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Sitting at a blank blog screen tonight, wracking my brain for inspiration, I saw my computer and all things powered by electricity in our house shut down, flicker on, then off, and finally just off. So, how am I writing this post? On the iPad, tethered in some way I don’t understand, to Daniel’s iPhone. (And, while on the subject, what is a dongle?)
See, my problem is I don’t really care enough about electronic devices to learn to understand them. As Daniel says about his relationship to yoga, I’m just a consumer. I learn my way around electronic marvels by rote, one byte at a time. I don’t even see this as a problem.
Still, I have much respect for modern technology and brainy engineers of inventions, but I would much rather talk my way through a problem than think my way through it. I would rather feel
out a situation than figure it out. And, I would rather get a sense of a person than take their measure.
It’s probably going to work out okay somehow. I can call on the computer geniuses for support in communicating with the wide world and they can always bring their back/neck/shoulder/head aches to the yoga shed.
Amazing what you can do without power! By some miracle, my computer guru tells me I’m connected to the Internet.


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