In olden times, community gathered in little pockets separated by vast distances, secular ones in villages and hamlets, spiritual communities in monasteries, nunneries, ashrams, hermitages.
On the other end of the spectrum, the Internet has helped community leap its boundaries and lets us connect with people we might only know from their Facebook profile.
What’s great for yogis is that we have information on anything yogic at the click of a mouse: retreats anywhere in the world, yoga props and fashions, on-line courses in Sanskrit or anatomy, virtual classes, forums, blogs, videos, and podcasts.
One of the most interesting stories of community building that I’ve recently heard about is Eric Whitacre’s music project. Whitacre is an award-winning composer who gathered over 2,000 people from 58 countries to perform one of his original compositions in a virtual choir.
Made with expert editing, the individual contributions of song and film have been collated to create the effect a choir singing together. The result is inspiring and moving, and might convince even a luddite that a visit to Cyberspace is worthwhile. Click here: Virtual Choir