Sitting Thinking

Feb 27, 2011 | Humour | 0 comments

As I have been staring at this blank page for some time, by now I should recognise that I have a head empty of wisdom and inspiration at this time. I should turn off my computer and head for bed.
But, no, I feel compelled. I want to say something. To connect. Even if I am temporarily rendered unwise and uninspired. Such a big responsibility to be a good writer and communicator all the time.
I’ve decided that tonight it would be a good exercise to let my words fall off the keys without editing and even, such as they are, rather short on content. I feel uncomfortable doing this.
I do have something I’d like to share. It comes from a yoga student conveying gratitude for my teaching. Really, it says as much about her as about me.

As you know I have, since 2005 and with your significant help, along with other professionals of various kinds, been seeking better health and holistic balance. It has been a long and detailed pursuit of honesty and truth. So this month, 6 years and one month on, also six years older, I can celebrate being fitter, more flexible and very close to my required weight and am feeling Goooood. So thank you for changing one more person for the better in your work, even after they got to 50. I feel a healthy holistic retirement lifestyle is now a very real option for me. Thank you for that gift.


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