The Art of Adjustment

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- The Art of Adjustment

Virabhadrasana 1_Adjustment

A couple of years ago now, I wrote a book which I was very proud of called “The Art of Adjustment”. I wrote it in collaboration with Monica Redondo who was mainly the designer and photographer. Jane Thomas is the beautiful model (pictured) in the images.
It would seem that the book has sadly been languishing on the web site where it is for sale –
I don’t know why this is. I guess I’m more a writer than a sales promoter. You may not have even known that this teaching manual for yoga teachers exists, home-grown as it is, right here in Australia.
What’s really great about the way we produced the book is that you can down-load it straightaway on your computer – text and photographs and audio (my voice).
What is “it”? A teaching guide, as I said, for yoga teachers, and also trainee yoga teachers and keen students – really anyone who wishes to incorporate physical adjustments into their teaching or their own practice.
All up there are 38 of the most basic asana adjustments presented in this material so the reader/listener  gets a practical insight into the wonderful art of touch.
Check it out!


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