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Last night I went to a celebration. A friend had just successfully completed a property settlement on the house she and her daughter live in, all part of the process of her husband becoming her “ex”.
She was staging a bonfire-lighting and had recommended to her guests that they bring along something that they would like to get rid of in the fire. Our neighbours just across Scotts Creek hauled over some old bamboo blinds that went up in flames pretty spectacularly. Our host handed out some scrap paper in case we wanted to burn up something intangible.
That suited me. I knew immediately when the bonfire thing was suggested what I was going to dump. I wrote down: crabbiness. That was my thing. Into the flames it went and I wiped my hands of it. So simple.
Then the marshmallows came out for the kids to roast. The fire kept us warm and drove any mozzies away, too. A good time chatting with the locals.
This morning, I felt the effects of having had two glasses of wine at the party, as nice as it was at the time. One effect was I was about as uninspired about doing yoga practice as our fence post, but I did do it anyway.
The other effect was I was crabby.
Have you ever noticed what happens when you decide you’re going to get rid of something – it shows up really quickly to test you. I think I sort of passed because that frame of mind didn’t stay around too long. As me tomorrow.


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