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Ellenborough Falls Walkway

Today we were a sightseeing party of four, driving out to the very beautiful attraction ellenborough Falls, out past the hills villages of Bobin and Elands.
Never heard of those places? Neither had we till we became immigres to Mitchells Island. Which may be another area unfamiliar to you.
Located on the Bulga Plateau, about an hours drive north-west of Taree, Ellenborough Falls are a spectacular site. At 200 metres, it is one the longest single drop waterfalls in the Southern Hemisphere.
A timbered walkway (641 steps, I counted ’em) to the bottom of the falls takes around 30 minutes. There is also a 10 minute walk to The Knoll which provides spectacular views looking directly across to the falls.
Australia is a continent full of countless empty beaches and backwater regions. You can be completely alone with Nature without traveling any great distance; and, you can be as close to the Great Mother as a layer of your skin cells.
We four walkers were a good sample of collective middle-aged aliments: one of us, digestive, post-operative, another, bi-lateral THR, post-operative, one organ replacement, post-operative, and one with a dodgy back. Sigh. I was elated taking my new hips on such a challenging steep climb.
All of our group are dedicated yogis, preserved in many ways by yoga practice, even with the vicissitudes of health we’ve experienced. Persevering no matter what means we can enjoy the magnificence of Nature, magnified as it was today by shared company.

- Nature Trip



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