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Mar 3, 2010 | Healing, Hip Surgery, Yoga practices | 1 comment

I joined an on-line yoga forum yesterday, thinking I could add an interesting thread on yoga and hip surgery. I guess I think I know a thing or two now 😉
I didn’t get quite the reply I expected when a respondent asked whether yoga had contributed to the hip osteoarthritis, as she/he knew of other experienced yoga practitioners who had hip problems. This isn’t the first person who has questioned the helpfulness of yoga. Here’s my answer:
“Thank you. You’ve asked a good question: has yoga contributed in some way to needing hip surgery?
The honest answer is I don’t know. But, I don’t think so. I believe that heredity plays a strong part in the development of osteoarthritis, although that was probably not a big determiner with me.
When I was first diagnosed with osteoarthritis, I was 48 yrs. old. All my life I had been physically active. I played tennis, cycled, jogged, and was at that time training for mini-triathalons. The training made me sore in my left hip and I didn’t heed the signals until I was really in pain.
I have always been a very flexible person and probably could have done more core strengthening work as part of my fitness regime, but I only learned about that after the fact.
Once diagnosed, I gradually changed my lifestyle in many ways that I believe slowed the degeneration of cartilage in my hips, including modifying the way I practised yoga – for instance, adding more of the reflective practices, like pranayama and yoga nidra. Over time, I eliminated activities that unduly stressed my body, and simplified my work life. I like to think I paid more attention to ‘signals’.
With all due respect for those who are suffering from medical conditions, I believe disease is a wake-up call. How one responds to it can be the next evolutionary step in our humanity…and our divinity.”

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  1. Yes, well said Eve – I think you’ve covered it well there on the causal side of things associated with osteoarthritis in your case. Warnings do come in the form of pain and discomfort and worse but if we ignore them, well, knowledge is power friend 🙂
    Love Peter XX


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