Have you ever overdone?
Do you have the definitive solution for keeping balance in your life? If you do, then you are likely to be a rich person.
Needing to find balance is one reason people sign up for yoga. IMHO, sadly, yoga teachers are a group whose lives get seriously out of whack. Isn’t it so? “You teach what you most need to learn.”
Sometimes I subscribe to my own way of finding where my limits lie: Go over them!
That was what I did yesterday. My girlfriends were coming to our home for our annual women’s retreat, to held over three days, and things needed to be put in order and cleaned. I have standards.
I need to say that I was only 25 days post major surgery. Also, I can’t bend over more than 90 degrees at my hips which makes most housework impossible (some would celebrate this sort of restriction), but I did what I could anyway, and plumb wore myself out. The worst part of overdoing is a sort of internal emotional contraction. The words, “I’m fine, I’m just going to do this one more thing” pretty well cover it. Fine being a convenient euphemism for the passive of another “f” word.
Most of the women I choose for friends also have high domestic standards, but they would, every one of them, have said, “Chill…you’re just recovering…we can help you, just tell us what to do…who cares anyway…housework is always there.” It’s just a shame I don’t have their words in my head; I have my own agenda.
I slept really well last night, and I actually feel very balanced on all levels today. I do wonder, though, whether I will ever learn the “not overdoing” lesson. At least I can be honest about it….

- Overdone

Beach Savasana

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  1. Hi community sharer! enjoyed your blog… loved sharing the weekend with you x shirley


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