Babies learn to walk after crawling (for the majority of them) and this is a very cute stage that usually involves much falling down and much parental encouragement. I marvel at the little ones who manage to pull themselves up, dust themselves off, and continue, even when they are somewhat impeded and bow-legged by bulky diapers.
This time around, in learning to walk on my new pins, I didn’t have that crawling stage, nor the falling-down-an- starting-all-over-again stage – just as well because my hip joins would most assuredly have dislocated.
Nevertheless, twelve days after double hip surgery, I walked with only skinny sticks, and eighteen days later I was able to get around reasonably well without a cane on our Mitchells Island property which has lots of uneven ground.
If you’d like to see what a novice walker looks like:¬†Click here.
(The music is by a personal fave of mine – Patsy Cline.)