Good Medicine

Feb 21, 2010 | Healing, Hip Surgery | 5 comments

My own bed, walking (unaided ) on a country road, pranayama, Roibos tea, sitting at a cafe drinking a flat white, making dinner, a long hot shower, being naked, touching and being touched, frequent hugs, feeling warm, soft sand through my toes and soles (indescribably sensual), salt water spray, sunshine on my skin and scars, naps at anytime, and believe it or not, my computer!

- Good Medicine

The Beach at Manning Point Today

I was nervous about getting into the sea apart from up to my thighs as the surf is rough and full of rip tides. I don’t know what I would do if I got knocked over. But, Daniel was there holding my hand, and there are many days ahead in my healing process….No worries!


  1. So great that you’re home! Enjoy! lots of love,

  2. You amaze me girl … !!
    It’s fantastic and your walking on the beach :0
    ALREADY !!!!!!!!!
    Billy & I will be there at Easter, of course, by then you’ll probably be well recognized as the local triathlete.
    Great progress Eve and well done – I know you would do well 🙂
    Love Peter & Billy XX

  3. Wow Eve – wonderful to see you with sand between your toes a week after we saw you in the rehab! What progress…and yes, those simple “real life” pleasures must be feeling pretty good after 3 weeks in institutions. How much we take for granted in the day to day…I’d better go home and feel the warm evening ground cover underfoot. Love Mandy

  4. p.s. do you know how I put my photo up – can’t see an option to “add photo” (perhaps your lovely techie hubby knows things like these?)

    • You can go to where you can upload an image that will be associated with your email address. That image will show up in WordPress (when you leave comment) and, I think, lots of other places.


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