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Feb 16, 2010 | Healing, Hip Surgery | 2 comments

So far , I’ve had an expeditious and successful rehabilitation. It will go on for some weeks and months, but I now only have one more full day in rehab before heading to my northerly home.
People have remarked on what a great job I’ve done, but the network of support I’ve had has been phenomenal.
All the staff at the excellent Mater Hospital, for instance, with a special nod to Nurse Fiona of the red eye shift. With confidence and care, she saw me through the first four scary, long nights post- surgery.
Then there was the acute care physiotherapist who had the audacity to ask me to stand on my two new legs, even though I’d never used them before.
I’ve been very moved by the nurses’ aids here at Hunters Hill Private, sweet young things who wear their caring as a badge. And a couple of the R.N.’s with 40+ years of dedicated service under their belts, practitioners of compassion tempered with rigour.
So many hard workers are behind the scenes, making meals, cleaning toliets, answering phone calls, taking care of business.
The physios are an amazing team part of the team by any standards. Tough on us, except for the patients who are frail or very afraid. Everyone is treated as capable and the results are evident in slow, steady progress.
My orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. O’ Sullivan, is a miracle worker; he’s given me a new lease on life. I’ll have to pump up my bicycle tires and dust off my tennIs racket.
Visitors came from near and far (Heather & Rick) and some came often and bore gifts. Others sent their prayers, best wishes, and good vibes
How could I not heal?
The keystone on my team is Daniel who has been like an orchestra leader conducting a beautiful symphony of love that has soothed and satisfied my physical/emotional needs through a very difficult period.
To say I’m fortunate seems inadequate:
I’ve been overwhelmingly blessed!


  1. Hi Eve,
    I was thinking of you this morning before I read your latest post and I was marveling to myself how many humans have come together for your new hips. All those brilliant people who figured out how to make new human hips, put them in a body, make them work again as if they are part of you. Technicians, doctors, inventors, researchers, physios, over all the years to come to this point. Of course, then there are the humans that then except these new bits into their body and learn all over again how to walk, accepting loving care from those around them who are so willing to love.
    Humans are we not amazing!!!
    It’s a bit like a journey with Dorothy and her magic red slippers but instead Eve has her shiny new hips!
    One more sleep and home…hope your recovery continues well and full of discovery.

  2. Hi Eve,
    Rehab sounds great.
    Here is Scotland total hip replacement people are sent home from hospital as soon as they can walk with two sticks and go up and down stairs with a stick and a rail.
    I did these things once with the physio on day two and went home that night with a set of instructions for excercises including hip flexion, extension, and abduction and the all important dont dos!
    The rest is up to me!!
    Lin Grahame


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